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How she is helping society by having a Wellness Blog – Emily

This week, we are welcoming Emily Aagaard, a wellness blogger from the UK. Her story behind opening a blog is very interesting. Let’s hear it from her voice itself 🙂

1. Emily Aagaard, we have known you as a Wellness blogger. Take us through your story of blogging. 

I started blogging a year ago after a big flare up of gastritis (inflammation of the stomach). I could barely eat anything and was in constant pain. After some time to get accustomed to my illness, I had come up with a few staple recipes that were easy on the stomach. Because of the very little information on the internet that really helped, I felt like I really needed to share one of my recipes for others suffering from gastritis. So I wrote and published my first ever post of a gastritis-friendly mushroom spaghetti recipe! After that, I soon realised that I wanted to be a wellness blogger to continue helping and providing healthy tips for everyone else.

2. Is technology destroying the happiness of people and making their mental health weaker day by day? What are your thoughts on it? If yes, how to overcome this with a very simple steps?

I think that technology is a great thing, and that it can only be harmful to someone’s mental health if they allow it to. I do think that social media and subsequent addiction can be very harmful, though, and so my piece of advice would be to make sure you’re conscious about the harmful culture online and to distance yourself from it by limiting usage and not becoming reliant. This doesn’t mean staying off social media! But remember that it’s not the only world out there, and the real world is much kinder. 

3. Why people should visit your site? How do you solve their problem through your blog?

If you’re looking for a lifestyle blog with a little bit of everything, my blog is for you! While my primary passion is raising mental health awareness, I cover a lot of things that contribute to daily wellness and overall promoting self care. I offer a lot of productivity and organisational tips, as well as how to love and accept yourself as a human being. I always make it a priority to provide actionable tips!

4. Tell who is Emily Aagaard?

Just a regular girl from the UK! I love to learn new things and am always striving to better myself and act as an example for others. As a teen, I grew up in a house where mental health was a priority and my feelings were always valid. Because of this, I’m more than comfortable to admit that I’m a flawed human being that struggles with their mental health, and I want to promote this acceptance for others so that we can all work on ourselves without shame.

5. Emily is a role model to upcoming bloggers, justify!

Well, I’m not sure if I would call myself a role model exactly! But I do hope to be an example for other bloggers through openness, friendliness, and persistence. I’m lucky to be a part of a wonderful community of bloggers online who all work to make sure everyone is accepted and valued in what they create. If I want to be a role model for anything, I want to it be for promoting acceptance and understanding online.

Thanks for joining with us, Emily! It was a pleasure to have a chat with you. Keep writing good articles on Wellness 🙂

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