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How Burning Desire gives you Success – Meet Loniesha

This week, we are welcoming Mississippi girl Loniesha. She is having a personal blog who writes mainly on Fashion and Lifestyle.

1. Loniesha, we have known you as a Personal blogger. Take us through your story. 

The story of how I got started in this industry is really a spontaneous one. I was sitting in my dorm room at Ole Miss, and I had a random thought to start a blog. I really can’t tell you where the idea came from or why it came to me at that moment, but it did. And I took it and ran with it, without hesitation. I suppose I was too intimidated to put myself out there alone, so I asked my close cousin if she’d like to do it with me. She agreed, and so we got started. We jumped straight into it with minimal research, so we didn’t really know what we were doing. It was okay at first, then, our timing started to get out of whack. It just wasn’t working for me anymore, so I decided to shut it down. 

Initially, I was going to just let it be. I thought that if it didn’t work then, why would it work at a different time? So, I let it go for a while, but there was a burning desire inside of me to give it another try. I couldn’t just ignore it. I had to try again — alone. Of course, I wrestled with the idea because I felt bad for excluding her. I genuinely wanted her to be a part of it, but I knew it wouldn’t work and I didn’t know how to tell her. I eventually did in a casual conversation and I was relieved to hear that she was happy for me. It let me know that I could move forward without the guilt of leaving her out. 

Anyway, this time around, I allowed myself a full year to do research and figure out my look, my goals, and my purpose. I did just that, and now you have The Pursuit of L. I couldn’t be more proud.

The response from my audience is what keeps me positive

2. What keeps you so positive and excited about what you are doing?

Writing truly makes me happy, but the most exciting part is hitting publish after every post. I get a feeling of overwhelming accomplishment every time. The response from my audience is what keeps me positive. I will forever be grateful for all of the love and support I have.

3. How do you compete with other bloggers?

I don’t. I mean, I can see how it can be viewed as a competition because the golden question is always, “what can you offer that other bloggers don’t?” But, I see it as a journey and an experience to grow with other bloggers. And to answer that question, no two people are the same, so as long as everyone is truly being themselves, we all have something different to offer.

4. What is your Instagram marketing strategy?

Aesthetics and consistency, for sure. I post my content with the mind of someone in the audience. If I see someone who posts really eye-catching content on a regular basis, that’s all of the reason to keep coming back. Then, of course, there’s always making the point of engaging with my audience, and even other audiences. It’s how you get noticed, honestly.

5. If I want to take an interview of top 5 bloggers, who do you recommend and why?

Kelly from

Marie from

Alison from

Em from

I chose these five because they are part of the blogger community circle that was founded on Twitter. They are strong, amazing women who are confident and good at what they do. They each are different and so inspiring in their lives and it shows through their blog posts. I love them so much and I’m beyond happy to call them my friends.

6. How is life after having a blog?

Well, I’m not famous or anything, haha! But, I definitely have noticed that once my family and friends learned of what I was doing, they looked at me in a different light. I’d say with more respect and appreciation for my talents and skills. It was kind of great — a rewarding feeling, really.

7. By having a personal blog, do you feel your privacy will be at risk?

Opening up and being transparent with my audience comes with the territory. But, I don’t really feel like my privacy is at risk because I’m not sharing my social or anything like that. I believe there’s an understood boundary line that every personal blogger knows not to cross.

8. Finally, Tell us who Loniesha is?

I’m a daughter, a sister, a student, a writer, an influencer, a dancer, and so much more, who’s in my roaring twenties learning and growing through life, living the best way I know how.

Her Blog –

L, currently you might not be famous, but our team wish you very all the best to achieve your goal and become famous.

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