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How loving your blog and staying positive make you successful blogger – Chloe

This week, we are welcoming Northampton’s blogger Chloe, who writes an article on Mental Health. She is one the so friendly blogger I have met ever. She started the mental health blog to help others, guiding the right path which in turn helps to have a healthy mindset.

Here our conversation went on:-

1. Chloe, we have known you as a Mental Health blogger. Take us through your story.

I started my mental health blog last year in March for a few different reasons. Towards the end of 2017 and the start of 2018 to around the end of March my mental health was at the lowest it’s ever been. I became physically ill because I pushed myself to keep going, I kept going to work, I kept being busy and over the months of forcing myself to keep going, I got worse.

I think in my head I thought that if I kept busy it would just go away. It is good to keep yourself busy, but I soon realized that I needed to stop, take a break and take care of myself. It was at the end of Feb 2018 that it got to a point after being ridiculously ill (to the point that I couldn’t even bring myself to eat food, basic things that you should do to keep yourself alive), I was sat in a restaurant with my boyfriend I didn’t order anything to eat but just sat drinking a smoothie and I burst into tears. I was so embarrassed, but I stopped myself, wiped away my tears and I said to myself that this has got to stop.

It was at that moment that I reached out to a friend, I sent her an essay long message of how I was feeling, and I asked for help. That was the point that I realized I didn’t have to go through this alone, there are people out there that want to help support me. It’s quite funny because my parents and my boyfriend knew about how I was feeling but everything they said to me just didn’t get into my head, I couldn’t get out of the negative mindset I was in. But, reaching out to my friend was the beginning of changing that mindset within me. Not to say that what my parents and boyfriend were telling me wasn’t helpful, of course it was, but I guess it took this person who I don’t see very often as she lives so far away, to flick that switch in me or that particular moment in the restaurant to make me question why I was doing this to myself. I am a lot better now, I still have my bad days but I’m nowhere near as bad as I was.

2. What keeps you so positive and excited about what you are doing?

I absolutely love blogging, it’s my favorite thing to do. I stay positive and excited for various reasons, one being that being able to write about what’s going on in my head is extremely therapeutic for me. I also feel that blogging gives me a purpose like I’m sure a lot of people can relate to, you probably have certain hobbies that you really enjoy doing and whatever it makes you feel happy and gives you confidence and self-worth.

I’m super proud of my blog and all the blog posts I have written, sometimes I look back at them and I think it’s amazing that I’ve written so many of them that all mean a lot to me. I think being a part of the blogging community also keeps me excited and positive, everyone is so supportive and encouraging, and seeing such lovely comments on my blog posts makes me feel so grateful and fills me with joy that others have enjoyed reading my content. Also, I stay positive and excited about my blog because I enjoy doing it so much, it’s not a chore to sit down and write a post, it’s not a chore to put some time aside to talk to the blogging community on social media, it’s something that I love doing, if I could, I would gladly do it every single day from morning to evening!

3. How do you compete with other bloggers?

I don’t believe I do compete. This is one of the things I love about the blogging community, everyone supports and encourages each other, no one’s competing. Of course, as a blogger you want your posts to be noticed but the community are so lovely that they’ll share your posts, they’ll interact with your content by leaving comments and I do the same. If I like a blog post written by someone else, then I’ll share it on my social media because it makes sense to share something you enjoy.

I feel that if you’re not supportive of other bloggers then you won’t get the support back, but that doesn’t mean you should show ‘fake’ support, there’s plenty of amazing bloggers out there and running a blog myself, I also enjoy spending time reading other blogs – that’s also a hobby that I can spend hours doing!

4. What is the secret of winning the heart of the audience?

This is a difficult question, only because I’m not sure of the answer! I am always overwhelmed by the support that others give me, may that be by the comments I receive on my blog or the mentions and interaction I get on social media.

I think again the answer to this is just being supportive and encouraging. What you get out of your ‘work’ is depending on how much you put into it. Make sure what you write about on your blog is something you enjoy and have an interest in because you can definitely see when someone is passionate about something, and to me when reading a blog post that you can see the passion in makes the read really enjoyable. If you want your blog posts to get noticed I’d suggest taking part in Twitter threads where you leave your links and comment on others that have also left their blog post links, interact with other bloggers – it’s fun to chat and meet other bloggers, have a read of their blogs, share their content, I guess you do everything that you’d also like in return. Of course, you might find that some things won’t be returned, but hopefully, you’ll meet some awesome people and ultimately make friends with those that have the same interests as you!

5. How do you able to write consistent articles without fail from past years?

Believe me, it can struggle sometimes! I often get myself in a rut and lose inspiration and it can be difficult to get yourself out of that. I feel like it’s different for everyone, some people like to keep to schedules, maybe they’ll have certain days of the week that they post so it keeps them motivated to do so. I don’t have a schedule, I post whenever I want to, but I do like to make sure I have at least 1 post a week – so I guess that’s a very loose schedule! For me, because I’m writing about topics that I find interesting and can relate to, that really helps me to keep going with writing blog posts.

If I do ever lose inspiration I try to motivate myself again by looking at Pinterest, getting inspiration from my fellow bloggers, re-reading some of my old posts as they can be revamped, or if you’re really stuck then why not invite guest bloggers onto your blog. I have had a few guest posts on my blog and I absolutely love them, I always find it so interesting to read about the story of others and how they have overcome things in their life, it’s truly inspiring!

6. If I want to take an interview of top 5 bloggers, whom do you recommend and why?

There’re way more than 5 bloggers that I could recommend because there’s so many incredible and talented bloggers out there.

Geraldine from is definitely an inspiring lady to me. When I decided to join Twitter and I discovered the blogging community Ger is someone who interacted with me and supported me from the start. She’s such a hard worker, amazingly talented – she’s very good at drawing and a lovely person.

Bexa is another amazing woman, she’s over at Her blog is incredibly creative and makes me so happy every time I go on it! It’s so colorful and beautiful and has me in awe every time I see it. Another amazingly supportive blogger who will go out of her way to leave amazing comments on blog posts, she’s a sweetheart.

Lav who is over at and is another brilliant and supportive lady. I know that she’ll always be there for me if I’m ever feeling down, and at the moment she is writing an Ultimate feminists Etsy guide which is supportive of so many smaller businesses and it’s so great being introduced to these amazing businesses!

Hannah from is a great blogger also! Her posts are always so interesting and thought-provoking, I don’t know how she gets all of these amazing ideas for blog posts! Hannah is a very talented, inspiring and another fab and supportive friend.

Alison from is another lovely lady. It’s always so motivating, inspiring and makes me so happy when I read her blog posts. A lot of her blog posts involve tips and helpful advice and they’re always brilliant.

7. How is life after having a blog?

It’s a lot more fun for sure! Blogging is a hobby that I enjoy a lot, but without it, I wouldn’t have come across so many inspiring people and I am so grateful for all the support I get from loved ones and the blogging community. Blogging has helped my mental health a lot, being able to write down my thoughts and share them, being able to meet others who may be going through similar problems and talking to each other and having something that gives me a purpose keeps me going. I started my mental health blog when I was feeling pretty low and I can’t thank my blog and the blogging community enough for the strength it has given me.

8. Chloe is one of the right people to have a blog on Mental Health! How do you justify it?

Well, I think anyone could start a mental health blog if they wanted to! I started mine because I was struggling with my mental health, and I wanted to share my story because I don’t want people to go through what I did alone. I wanted to let my readers know that it’s okay to ask for help, because that’s what I did, and it was a massive turning point for me. From starting my mental health blog, I also learned new things along the way, I did/do a lot of research into mental health – especially anxiety as that’s what I struggle with and reading about it has helped me a lot, and so I keep reading about it because I want to make sure what I write about can help others as well. I also include guest posts on my blog because I like to learn about the story of others and it’s so inspiring to see what they have learned and what things they have overcome, and I hope that it helps others that read my blog too.

9. How do you imagine life without blogging?

Seeing as blogging has helped my mental health a lot I imagine it may have taken me a bit longer to get to the place where I felt okay again. Although if I didn’t blog, perhaps I would have started something else? As I’ve mentioned before blogging is something I enjoy doing, so I’m not sure what my hobby would have been in its place. I probably would have spent my spare time just watching Netflix or playing games – although I still do that too. I moved from my hometown last year to a city where I had no friends and at times when I felt lonely, talking to the blogging community really helped me so I feel like I would have felt a lot lonelier without my blog.

10. Finally, Tell us who Chloe is?

I’m just someone who loves to write, play games, watch movies, go on exciting adventures with loved ones, I’m a very chilled person! I’m passionate about my blog and hope that my blog can help others, may that be encouraging someone to speak out, feeling less lonely knowing that others are going through similar issues, and creating a space where people can interact with each other. I love to be lazy some days and pamper myself, I love Tweeting about my pets – my little hamster Xavier and a cat called Otis. I’m just trying to experience and enjoy life to the best ability that I can even if my anxiety can get the better of me sometimes, but that’s okay.

This is all about Chloe and her blogging journey. She is highly active on Social Media and if you want to talk to her, you can easily reach out through the following links –

Blog –

Twitter –

Facebook –

Instagram – 

Pinterest –

If you feel this post is helpful, do not forget to share it across your community. If you encountered any blogger to get interviewed, kindly mention below in the comment section and we will catch them.

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