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How she earns money from her blog – Meet money blogger Victoria

Everybody wants to make money, but they are lagging behind due to lack of proper guidance. To become rich, it does not depend on only how much money you earn but also you must have proper money management skills.

This week, we got Victoria from the UK who writes a blog on Money – We talk mainly about how to earn money from blog and money management skills.

Here is our conversation went so far. 

1. Victoria, we have known as a Money Blogger. Take us through your story.

I never originally set out to be a money blogger or even a blogger – it all just happened by chance.  After having my first child I knew I didn’t want to return to my old job and wanted my own business instead.  At first, I thought I was going to be a childminder and I completed the training with my local council and did a childcare diploma.  However, whilst I was on maternity leave I started making cards and jewelry and selling them online. I loved online selling at this time and set up my own website to try and sell my wares.  That’s how my first website came about.

I then started blogging as a way to get more content on my website and to attract more visitors.  I love to write and I quickly fell in love with blogging. For the first couple of years, my aim was to try and have a successful online store, but the profits were so low and it took all my time and energy to get sales with very little reward to show for it.  My outgoings were very big.

Whilst focusing on the shop, I continued to blog with my blog developing from a fashion and beauty blog which I wasn’t so passionate about into a lifestyle blog which is where I began to find my blogging voice.

I started to do blog reviews and work on brand collaborations in exchange for the product, still, with no idea, I could make a living from my blog.

My blog began to take over my life and became my new obsession.  I then discovered online income reports for other bloggers and realized I could make money from my blog through sponsored posts, affiliate marketing and more.

I changed my focus from my online shop and put all my effort into my blog.  I quickly made a part-time income and after a year of trying to monetize, I began to make a full-time living from my blog.  I have now been full time blogging since January 2017 and I run four blogs today.

When working from home it’s a good idea to diversify your income streams so you’re not just relying on one income so I set up three more blogs which all make a small amount of income each month to boost my income and provide backup.  I also so lots of money making activities online such a website testing, surveys, and studies.

Since doing all this online I began to write about my experience of it all on my Lylia Rose blog and for the past six months or so I have decided to take my blog Lylia Rose down a money blog route.  I was already writing a lot of posts about home businesses, blogging, making and saving money so at this point in my life it seems like the natural way for my blog to go.

I would definitely call myself a money blogger at Lylia Rose as it’s what I enjoy writing about the most at the moment, but I also have other passions which I share on my other three blogs – healthy living, travel, home, and garden.

2. What keeps you so positive and enthusiastic about what you are doing?

I absolutely love writing and blogging which helps, but also the determination and drive to work for myself.  I love being my own boss and making my own money. I hope I can always be self-employed as I really enjoy it.

Schools should teach more about finance to prepare everyone for adulthood and to help prevent people from making big financial mistakes.

3. How necessary is it to have a financial education and why most of the people are not interested in this?

I don’t have a financial education and unfortunately, most people in the UK don’t unless they specifically choose to study it as an adult.  I think schools should teach more about finance to prepare everyone for adulthood and to help prevent people from making big financial mistakes and getting into unnecessary personal debt.

For many of us, our financial education comes through our own personal experience, trial, and error.  We learn as we go along, make mistakes and learn from them. Many adults are always learning and some are terrible with money well into old age.

If you are sharing professional money advice and giving guidance on a money blog then you will need the qualifications and credentials to back this up, but this is not what I or many other similar bloggers are doing.  

For me, I am simply sharing my own personal experience of how to make money online and through blogging, along with lots of money saving tips and advice. It’s sharing things from my perspective as an ordinary mum with no jargon that regular people can relate to, find achievable and apply to their own lives.

4. Does blogging help to achieve financial independence? What are your thoughts on this?

Perhaps for some widely successful bloggers, but it’s not for me. For me, it provides a regular income that I live off a month to month. I have seen some huge bloggers in the US such as Michelle from Making Sense of Cents make incredible amounts of money from her blog – around $100,000 per month – and so perhaps some people like her have been able to achieve financial independence from blogging.  So yes, it is possible for some people, but for most of us, it’s not possible. If it were possible for everyone then we’d all be doing it ☺

5. What message do you wish to convey to youth, regarding Money and its management?

I think for the young to be more sensible with their money and to plan ahead.  I had no money management skills as a teenager and young adult and got into terrible debt.  I was a spendaholic and was very unwise with my money choices. I was a consumerist and shopaholic.  I wanted to live a lifestyle I couldn’t afford and so I got lots of credit cards, store cards, and a loan.  I never thought about the consequences. I never thought to live more minimally, save money or start saving for a pension.

In my 30s I suddenly realize I don’t have so long to save for a pension and I should have started saving a lot sooner.  Now I have to make up for all my mistakes in my 20s.

I like to share my story so hopefully, someone else won’t go down the same path and will instead choose to be much wiser with their money choices.

6. How are you earning money from your blog? Could you please share it with us?

I mostly make money from brand collaborations and sponsored blog posts.  I also make around 6% of my income from affiliate marketing which is something I hope to grow.  I shared ten ways to make money from blogging in this blog post which dives a little deeper into the methods.

7. Who is your favorite Money blogger and why?

I think Michelle from Making Sense of Cents is a really inspirational blogger.  She has managed to turn her blog into a million dollar business which is incredible.  Whilst I don’t think everyone can do that, as I mentioned above, I do think it shows how it’s possible to work hard at something you are passionate about and make a living from it.  It proves to so many people how blogging can be a real job and source of money and it doesn’t have to just be a hobby.

8. Finally, tell us Who Victoria is.

Victoria is a self-confessed blogaholic who makes a living from running four blogs and can’t ever stop thinking about them!  She’s also a mum to two wonderful children and a wife to a very supportive husband. Victoria is also obsessed with healthy living, follows a plant-based vegan diet and loves to go to the gym regularly.  On her days off she enjoys exploring the countryside, beaches, traveling and home improvements.

This is all about her story as a Money blogger. If you are willing to start a blog to generate income, yes it is possible. You can check out her blogs given below.

Money & lifestyle –
Healthy living –
Home & garden –
Travel –

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What a great interview. I love reading how bloggers gained their success. Thank you for sharing.


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