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How to cultivate positivity in our life – Meet Alison

This week, I have met the very positive blogger Alison – who writes a blog on Positivity. I am very thankful to Chloe for referring Alison, otherwise, we would have lost an opportunity to meet her.

 Here is our conversation, hope you will love it.

Alison, tell us more about your life story.

Well, I’m an only child and I grew up in the North West of England.  I went to university over on the other side of the country in Newcastle upon Tyne and soon after university met my husband.  

So, I moved across the country to be with him. I decided to study for a Masters Degree in Human Resources in 2000 and got my first job in the industry around about the same time.

I now work as a Human Resources Business Partner in the NHS and live with my husband and two cats near Middlesbrough.  

I started the Little Blog of Positivity in 2018 and I’ve also recently started a Diploma in Life Coaching. I’m hoping to build both into a ‘side hustle’ and who knows maybe a full-time career change.

Why did you pick a Motivation and Inspiration blog niche? What did you see missing in the current mindset of the society?

I wanted to help others and I also knew researching for the posts would help to keep me positive

To explain a bit more.  I’d always thought to be on the career ladder and work my way to the top was what I wanted. It’s what I was encouraged to do by my parents and by the school.  Once I got there though I think, like a lot of people, I felt a bit disillusioned.

This 24/7 world has really high expectations and I started to feel really overwhelmed and stressed. This culminated in my being off sick from work with stress and anxiety a couple of years ago. During my time off, I really began to work on myself. Diet, exercise, meditation and I also started to look more at my personal development.

This helped me greatly and I wanted to share what I’ve learned with other people. To show them there is a different way of living. I wanted to give people the tools to feel motivated and inspire them to pursue their best lives.

How did you cultivate positivity in your life?

Well,  I stopped seeing work as the most important thing in life!  For me, the key things which keep me positive:

  • Keeping a daily gratitude journal
  • Mindfulness and meditation
  • Trying to live a life that’s in line with my values and beliefs
  • Keeping myself fit and healthy
  • Watching my diet and exercise
  • Surrounding myself with a good support network

My blog also helps me to stay positive.  I can’t write about negative things on a blog about positivity 😀  (Well I can, but I have to turn them into a positive). It kind of holds me accountable, so that’s an added bonus!

How can parents inject positive principles to the children in the simplest way?

I’m not a parent myself but I’ve had a couple of guest posts from parents on my site.  

This post is an interview with one of my work colleagues who has a son with autism.  She explains how mindfulness has really helped him. I think this is definitely something worth practicing with children.

I also had a guest post by Colleen who is Mum to a daughter with severe anxiety and OCD.  She gives some really helpful advice in the post.

What challenges have you faced with your blog?

The technical side of things can be quite difficult at times. I’ve done a lot of Googling!  I’ve also learned a lot of skills which hopefully will be useful in the future.

Growing traffic is a challenge that all bloggers face as well.  I’ve been having some success with Pinterest recently and hope to continue to grow my traffic and following.

Why do most of the blogger fail? What is some advice you would love to give when they gave up?

I think a lot of bloggers fail because they do give up too easily.  Modern society makes us think that we can have things instantly. Building a blog most certainly isn’t an instant thing and it requires a lot of hard work.

Being consistent is a tip I would give. Even if you do just half an hour each day you are making progress.

And celebrate small wins.  Also, realize you will have ups and downs.  Keep going through the downs and the ups will come back again.  
I refer back often to this post I wrote early on in the life of my blog about inspirational people who never gave up. When I remember that Stephen King had his first novel ‘Carrie’ rejected by 30 publishers, it spurs me on!

Can you name the top 5 inspiration blogger and tell us why are so?

My Lifelines has been one of my favorite blogs since I began blogging.  I was lucky enough to collaborate on a post when I’d been blogging for only a month.  It’s run by three best friends, Abby, Jordan, and Lauren. I love the variety of posts on their blog and also the series they run, Women Wednesday.

My Best Friend Adeline.  This is another blog I came across early on when Joan tagged me for the Flawesome Award.  I find the posts inspiring and can always find some words of wisdom there.

Chloe Chats  I love Chloe’s openness and the chatty style of her blog.  I’ve got to know Chloe through a blogger group on Twitter. She is a lovely person, very friendly and helpful (as are all of the bloggers in the Twitter group but this would become a long list if I include all of them!)

Put The Kettle On  Yolanda from Put the Kettle On blogs about similar topics to me and I’ve linked to a few of her posts in my blog posts.  She is also a regular contributor on my Pinterest group board and I love her pins!

Living Pretty Happy  This is another blog which is in a similar niche to mine.  Alex is a UK blogger like me and I love her posts. She is another blogger who has been friendly and supportive (actually I haven’t as yet many unfriendly ones!)

Being working in Human Resources, how do you motivate employees? What are the HR policies make them work efficiently?

I think one of the most motivating things for employees is to let them be involved in making their own decisions and changes in the workplace.  Employees respond better if you involve them.

I’m hoping to use what I learn in the Life Coaching Diploma to encourage and empower employees more.  I also think that good flexible working policies can be really useful.

What is your productivity secret?

Probably my to-do list. I always have a master list on the go. And I break this down into smaller lists. I realize the to-do list method doesn’t suit everyone, however. So I’ve written quite a few blog posts on this topic with different methods to suit different personalities.

Finally, tell Who Alison is.

I would say that Alison is a loyal, hardworking and honest person who loves learning and sharing that learning with others. She has a tendency to worry about things but is getting better at that. She is committed to the future and her family’s future and is good at getting things done and making progress towards goals. She also makes an excellent friend.

If you make a friend of people like Alison and talking at least once in a week with them, makes our life happier.

You can find her on social media given below:-

Blog –
Twitter –
Facebook –
Pinterest –

Comment below your favorite positive friend, we would like to know about them as well.

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