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On a mission to help people who are in the depression – Meet Abbey

This week, we have met Abbey – The Nigerian girl who writes a blog on Mental Health & Lifestyle. Her motto behind a blog is to help people who are in the depression, help to quit drug addictions and make mental health as healthy as possible.

Here is the story of Abbey:-

1. Abbey, we have known you as a Health blogger. Take us through your story. 

How it all began for me really was five years ago, I have always loved writing so I began my first blog all about body positivity but I felt I wasn’t good enough so I deleted that blog, started another one based on Christianity and the same thing happened I gave up and stopped.

I started two more and gave up on all of them. Until November of 2018 when I went through a rough patch in my life that exposed me to a broad topic of mental health. I started off on word press and decided to start blogging as a form of therapy until March 2019 when I finally got my blog self hosted and it’s been a long roller coaster since then.

My blog is like my own personal diary except the world gets to read it along with me. My niche originally was mental health but I’ve decided to have a nicheless blog having dabbled into book reviews, lifestyle, food blogging, and travel blogging.

2. What keeps you so positive and excited about what you are doing?

What keeps me motivated is my aim to get my message out there to the world, to hell people out and make them realize they aren’t and never alone. Sometimes I wonder if it’s all worth it but the messages of positivity I get from people who read my blog really keeps me moving. And also the promise I made to myself to never give up on this blog.

3. How do you compete with other bloggers?

I don’t compete with other bloggers, every blogger has different styles of writing and different audiences.  I just do my thing and write what I want and what I like and those who want to read it will certainly read it and love it. 

4. Can you explain us in simple language, what is chronicles and life after chronicles?

Abbey’s chronicles is simply like the meaning of chronicle is just a written account of events and topics I feel strongly about and feel the need to share my views and opinions on. Chronicles are my personal take on events ranging from mental health to any and every issue that sure catches my interest no matter how controversial.

5. How do you attract new visitors?

Right now most of my traffic comes from twitter where I promote my blog and as well as Facebook. I do share my blog on all my social media platforms as well as to some of my family and friends.

6. Tell us who Abbey is?

Abbey is simply a girl trying to make sense of a world basically filled with a whole lot of nonsense. Trying to make her voice heard and make an impact no matter how small on society and individuals.

This is all about Abbey and her journey as a Mental Health & Lifestyle blogger. If you want to know more about her post/articles, you can visit her website given below.

Blog –

Twitter –

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