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Interview with Jennifer – Housewife Hustle [Mother’s Day Special]

It’s our honor to meet Versatile and Mystery Blogger award winner Jennifer who writes a blog on Housewife hustles :). We are excited to publish this post on Mother’s day.

Here is a story of Jennifer and her positivity secret.

Jenni, please take us through your journey as a blogger. 

I’ve been blogging since college, and I’ve had a few different types of blogs. I started out writing about Tarot and holistic/spiritual living. I also had a lifestyle and review blog. Three years ago, I started the bare bones of Housewife Hustle. I didn’t start writing and publishing what I wrote until a little less than a year ago.

I’ve always had a love of writing, and even majored in English. I just never found one thing I could write about until I started my current blog. Being a mom and writing about it has been my favorite experience with writing. Now, I cover disabilities, beauty, style, home, parenting, and mental health. My blog has grown into something bigger than intended, and I couldn’t love it more.

How to become an ambassador being a blogger? What is your secret of getting recognized by BeJustStrong?

I became an ambassador of Just Strong very easily. They saw I was on a health pursuit, so they emailed me a few questions, and then the next day, they told me I’d be a great fit.

I don’t really have any secrets. The best way to get noticed by brands and companies is to be yourself and have good content. It’s also important to reach out and pitch to companies and brands. I have a media kit I use when I want to collaborate too.

It’s important to know that rejection will happen but keep reaching out. Keep trying to grow your blog, and it will happen.

How can parents inject positive principles to the children in the simplest way?

Kids learn by example. If you are a good person and have positive habits and behaviors, your kids are likely to have those traits too. It’s important to stress that no one is perfect, but you should always be a good person.

How are you trying to give a good education to your children?

My kids are just toddlers, and they aren’t in school yet. It’s still important to me to include learning in everyday tasks. As a SAHM, I try to use certain activities to stimulate their minds. We do a lot of coloring, counting, and learning based games.

How do you stay positive and motivated as you are suffering from the genetic disease – Retinitis Pigmentosa?

I’m legally blind, and I found out in my teens that I would lose my sight quicker than expected. I’ve known since I was a toddler that I’ve had RP, and for many years, I was angry.

Once I lost the majority of my sight, I decided to stop being angry and just live. Now, I write about my low vision and advocate for invisible disabilities. I stay positive, because everyone has a difficult struggle, and blindness just happens to be mine. I’d rather be happy and spread awareness than being upset about things I can’t change.

Finally, tell us who Jenni Dunlap is!

I’m a blind stay-at-home-mom who loves my kids. I love to write and spend time with my family. My husband and I were best friends in high school and while I was in college, and one day, we realized we were crazy about each other.

We started a family, and I knew I wanted to be at home with my kids. We are fortunate enough that I can stay home and run my blog all while being a mommy.

I love coffee and all kinds of animals. I love body positivity, and I think spreading mental health awareness is very important.

I’m a close-to-thirty mom who just enjoys family life and writing about it.

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