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Meet Akin who turned his hobby blogging into a business

This week, we are meeting Akin, who turned blogging as a business. He runs three websites with the help of his team who write on Health, Technology, and Farm. Let’s hear his experience from his voice.

1. How did you get interested in writing blog? Please take us through your story

Writing is one of my hobbies, so I’ve been enjoying writing right from my elementary school days. When I write, I like people to see it, understand my ideas and talk about it. Really, the feeling of doing something people appreciate is just very electric so this led into choosing to blog and get heard by a larger audience.

I learned about blogging in 2005 and started writing online that same year. It feels so good you know, knowing that the information you get online can also be written and posted like you but the promotion aspect got the feeling faded away.

Maybe because I learned blogging and the monetary aspect of it was the main focus of the class so I wanted to make money too and not just getting my ideas our there but after some years, I got back into blogging and till date, blogging is still part of my life.

2. How do you able to manage to handle 3 different blogs and write consistent articles?

Well, when a mix of passion and value brings reward, I think failure is already defeated. I started with Techpally and when the money started coming in, I begin to outsource search engine optimization experts to do promotions.

Then I started healthpally and Farmpally thereafter and developed a virtual team. I assign responsibilities and manage their work. I’m able to manage the blogs in my network because I allow people to do part of the job.

3. How do you see your blogging as a business and makes an alternative income source?

Blogging is business only if you see it as such. It requires much investment, not to run it but to make it a big business. So, it’s just like every other business, you can decide to stay at the bottom or scale up to the top.

Blogging is a nice addition to one’s portfolio. With fewer resources, you’ll manage the business. You can work at any time and in your most comfortable mode.

For the reward, it’s actually a long term thing and not a get-rich-quick business, although you can get rich quickly if you already have influencers who can broadcast your business that actually costs investment too in most times.

4. What is your strategy to get organic traffic? How do you effectively use social media?

Yea, in business, you’ve to focus on your strength and let experts in other areas of the business handle the rest. We focus on organic traffic and I have the team for off page optimization while I handle the on-page optimization with my writing team.

I’m not heavy on social media, though I still get words out there, serious business comes from search engines than through social networks.

5. What opportunity did you see in Farm blog compared to your Health & Tech blog?

I love nature, I love agriculture and enjoy studying animals.

So, on Techpally, I wanted to blog about technology and businesses based on my passion for writing. I wanted to become a doctor but later had to study physical and health education in school and I see blogging in the health niche as a mean to be relevant in the health sector. I learned more and acquire more knowledge which helped to have a blog in this field.

In addition, it’s a lucrative niche and very competitive as well, so it’s a mix of the revenue prospect and the desire to be health professional and I don’t only write on my blog now but have several doctors and specialists contributing to my platform.

For Farmpally, I don’t have any revenue prospect but just want to add it to my portfolio.

6. How are you earning money from your blog?

We generate earnings through brand sponsorship and advert placement, especially running google advertising.

7. Why most of the bloggers fail?

Thank you for this question. There are many reasons why bloggers fail.

  • Not seeing blogging as a serious business before starting and believing it’s a get-rich-quick business.
  • Bloggers not having the time and resources to manage their blogs successfully.
  • Not having the basic knowledge of coding.
  • Not being persistent in giving value to the audience and patient enough to reap the rewards.

8. Finally, tell us who Akin Chaktty is.

Well, I’m an author, a marketer, public motivation speaker, activist, researcher, and philanthropist.

I love doing many things, reading, playing games, making jokes, trying new things and deep thinking.

You can visit Akin’s blog here :-

Tech Blog



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