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On Mission Becoming a Professional Blogger – Anne

Meet 18 years old Irish Youtuber who writes a blog on Mental Health from New Zealand. Know her story of becoming a mental health blogger.

Anne, we have known you as a mental health blogger. Take us through your story.

In April of 2018, I was in a really bad way with my mental health. I was struggling with my depression and anxiety and I was stuck in this black hole feeling like I wasn’t going anywhere in life. I was worried about my exams coming up soon and I knew that I wasn’t going to do well and I wasn’t going to get into college. I came across blogging and here I am a year later.

What keeps you so positive and enthusiastic about what you are doing?

I’m not going to lie, because of my depression and anxiety I am not always positive and enthusiastic. Some days are really hard compared to others but most of the time I am pretty positive. To make sure that I try and stay pretty positive each day I like to make sure that I continuously look back at where I started and look at where I am now. For being a blogger for one year I have come really far with brand collaborations, growing my email list and social media, etc.

What according to you is the best way to increase traffic to your health blog?

Pinterest and engaging on social media. Pinterest is a huge tool that bloggers need to have in their toolbox to increase traffic to your blog. I have been implementing Pinterest a lot more on my blog and I am definitely seeing the result in my traffic and daily views. Engaging on social media improves your know like and trust factor.

When you start engaging with other bloggers and your audience, they start to see you as a real person with an opinion and tips and tricks to help them. This can bring people consistently coming back to you for your advice and opinions.

Could you please share a few blogging mistakes?

  • Trying to do everything at once.
  • Putting too many things onto my to-do list each day.
  • Not taking a break and burning out.

What skills or qualities are required for becoming a mental health blogger?

I don’t believe that you need skills to be a mental health blogger but I believe that you need to have compassion, understanding, and kindness because you are dealing and writing about such a sensitive topic that you need to tread lightly so have compassion, understanding, and kindness is so important.

Can you share a favourite travel memory with us?

My favorite memory by far is getting on the London Eye and when I reached the top the sun was setting and it was such a breathtaking view.

Tell us who Anne is?

I’m an Irish blogger who has recently just moved to New Zealand to be with my Long Distance boyfriend. I am a travel, mental health and lifestyle blogger and YouTuber who is making it my mission to make my dream of becoming a professional blogger.


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