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Why should you read books? Interview with Gemma

Nowadays, in this busy era, I saw there is a huge downfall in the book lovers because they are preferring audiobooks or summary videos. But we are able to catch one of the book fan – Gemma.

Gemma is from the UK blogger who writes about books and its review. Let’s see how what is her story behind a blog and why still she loves reading books over other audiobooks.

1. Gemma, we have known you as a Food & Book blogger. Tell us a little about yourself and what first inspired you to have a blog?

I first started my blog when I finished my Undergraduate degree in English Literature. I wanted to have a creative outlet so I started a blog. I didn’t blog seriously until midway through my Master’s degree in Creative Writing. I wanted to keep my blog simple by writing about things I feel passionate about. Blogging is a hobby of mine and I have managed to create a new career for myself through this.

2. How do you write a book review?

I have always been an avid reader, ever since I was a child, so when I blog about a book, it’s usually one I really enjoy and want to share my passion for it with my followers. Book blogs are a great source of inspiration and I feel like more people should read!

I love crime thrillers so I always buy books under that genre. If it is part of a series, I enjoy blogging about it, hoping it will inspire someone to pick up the book I am recommending. When I write a review, I generally just try to write what I loved about it – I try not to include spoilers though. I am very quick-reader, so if I really enjoy a book, I can read it in a day.

3. Nowadays, people are preferring listening Audiobook instead of reading books. What are your thoughts on it?

Personally, I feel like audiobooks are great for people with busy lives, but I feel like some people choose them to be lazy. It’s effortless listening to a book. It requires no brain power and I don’t see how you can truly immerse yourself in a story. Reading makes people question things, broadens vocabularies and increases attention spans. Now, too many people discard the importance of books and reading.

4. What is still your biggest challenge?

As a blogger, I think it’s a big challenge to try and stand out and to create consistent content that will appeal to a following.

5. Are you a full-time blogger? How do you balance profession and blogging?

I’m currently a part-time blogger but would love to be full time. I know I have things I still need to work on as a blogger to reach that goal, but I’m patient enough to do it! I have just embarked on a freelance career so my blogging has helped me immensely to get there. My blog is very personal to me, it’s my little corner on the internet that is mine and it is something I’m proud of.

6. What’s the best lesson you learned from reading books?

I think books can you make you more creative, imaginative and passionate. Books have been written because their author wanted to share a bit of themselves and I think that’s a wonderful thing. Writing is hard! Particularly fiction. I think books teach you to stretch yourself educationally and to never stop learning. I’m always coming across words I don’t know so it’s always fun to find out what they mean.

7. Can you give share your top 5 favorite books ever?

The Millennium Trilogy (The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, The Girl who Played with Fire and The Girl who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest)

These would be the books I would take on a desert island. I love the writing style, the plot twists, the characters, the setting. I just think they’re brilliant and if you haven’t read them, you need to!

Elinor Oliphant is Completely Fine

It’s not the usual style I would go for, but I loved it. I loved the relationship she has with herself and how emotive it is.

Valley of the Dolls

It immersed me from the start and I feel like it’s a modern-day Austen novel.

The Open Door

I picked this up for about 50p in a charity shop as a teenager and I have read it so many times. I love the characters and the plot. It is a comfort book and I read it whenever I feel I need to get back into reading if I haven’t had time to.

The Harry Potter books

I can’t pick one! I grew up with them as they were being released and I found them so magical. Even as an adult, I enjoy reading them!

8. Finally, tell us who Gemma is!

I live on Mersea Island in Essex, which is famous for oysters and seafood. I and my partner, Tom, have got a four-month-old Cockapoo puppy called Hendricks, named after the gin. I love food – eating it and cooking. There are not many better feelings than cooking for other people and watching them enjoy your food. It’s very heartwarming.

Gin is another of my passions. I love trying new ones and always have to have them with Fevertree tonic. I have a Masters in Creative Writing and that’s actually how Tom and I met so we have a lot in common. We both love food, books, and alcohol! He’s very supportive and gives me the confidence to pursue my dreams. In the future, I would love to be writing consistently about food.

I am currently freelancing and have begun a collaboration with a local photographer, Colchester Streets, and it is something we are both very excited about and proud of.

She is reachable on social media links given below.

Blog –

Instagram – @gemmaandlife/

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